Sharpen your mind to get maximum production in business

March 12, 2013

Every business needs skillful hands behind to achieve the goals. Proper planning, creativity, quality assurance and research and development are the key factors for any business to run in an ideal condition. Sharp minds behind the business models are more productive as compare others. The below story can tell you the imporatance of sharpen minds.


Once there was a young man in woods who started self employment and cut trees to earn his bread. The first day he cut 5 trees in 8 hours of labor, the second day he cut again 5 trees in 10 hours, the third day he cut 4 trees in 10 hours and fourth day 3 trees in 10 hours. He was frustrated with his performance as it was declining day by day despite his hard work. He went to his father and seek the solution, the father was a wise man and asked him “did you sharpen your axe any day since you started the work” he replied no then the father told him to sharp your axe every day before you start the work. He did exactly and started back his work. Now with the same hours of work he managed to cut 7 trees every day. He went back to his father and thanks him for great advice.

Just like above story the minds behind businesses needs to be sharp. There is a need to evaluate your thinking and pattern of work to get most out of it. The business needs to be evaluate periodically and monitor the performance in order to stay competitive in the market.

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